About Auto-Bliss

This is kind of a long story, but we will keep it short.  Like almost anyone reading this we have watched dramatic changes in the buying and selling of cars over a number of years.  We have also watched the industry continue to operate in the same way it always has with a few nods to technology.  To us that just seems odd.  As a team most of us have been around the industry for quite awhile and as a team had come to believe that together with the customer there had to be a way to actually improve the experience for both parties.  It's actually not that much fun to be on the selling side when it is a prolonged and often confrontational process.  We are also pretty sure it's not that great for the buyer either.

Our guiding principle has been to shorten, simplify, and to inject fun.  Getting a new vehicle is an expensive process and automatically creates some anxiety.  We get it!  But we are willing to put ourselves out there just like you do to improve every part of the process.

Some of the specific things we do differently are:  

1.  We never mark up the interest rate from the bank.  This just seems wrong but it is an industry standard.
2.  We don't make you come to us and wait around to drive a car.  Simply come on our site and schedule.  Your test drive vehicle will be ready for you and we won't ask 20 questions before you get to drive.  We do need a copy of your license though for that darn insurance company.
3.  We will give you a competitive price immediately on request.  Our price may not always be the cheapest but it will be fair and we will explain what we do to the car to prepare it for you so that the pricing makes sense.
4.  Most of our cars are sold as Certified Pre-Owned vehicles giving you more confidence.  That designation brings real benefits and we will happily explain them.
5.  We offer a 3 day return policy on our vehicles.  This is a genuine attempt to help you understand our commitment.  At the vast majority of dealerships the phrase is "you bought it, you own it".
6.  We offer an easy online credit application so you can pre-arrange your best loan package.  But if you prefer to wait, that's fine with us too!

We could go on and on but we promised a short story.  Give us an opportunity to provide the best experience you have ever had buying a car.  We will give every effort to do just that.  Let's get started!

The Auto-Bliss Team